Continuity of Culture: Romans in Pompeii

Grade Levels: 3-6
Time Required: 5-7 Class Periods
Author(s): Lori Howell, Melody Nishinaga, Sarah Poku, Warren Soper
Subject Areas: Social Sciences, English, History

Detective Work: What Did Music Sound Like in Ancient Rome?

Grade Levels: K-4
Time Required: 4-6 class periods
Author: Melody Nishinaga
Subject Areas: History, Music, English

History of the Jewish People in Rome – From Ancient Rome to the 20th Century

Grade Levels: 10-12
Time Required: 5-7 Class Periods
Author(s): M. Rachel Gonzalez, Eric Williams, Matthew P. Gonzales, Matthew I. Euzarraga , Jovana Nieto, Crystal Calderon, Mia Montes and Lauren Flores
Subject Areas: Social Sciences, History

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Monumental Literacy

Grade Levels: 6
Time Required: 7-8 45 minute class periods (may need to adjust for research and technology availability)
Author: Diane S. Hance; Librarian; Grisham Middle School, Round Rock ISD
Subject Areas: Social Studies/Language Arts 

Rhetoric in the Monuments of Ancient Rome

Grade Levels: 11-12 and AP Students
Time Required: 5-7 Class Periods
Author: Claire Walter; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Subject Areas: English, AP Language and Composition

Rome and Home: Connecting Classrooms to Roman Space and Mind

Grade Levels: 6-12
Time Required: 6-8 Class Periods (1 hour each)
Author(s): Dennis Rogala, Charles Diaz, Grant Potts, Kristen Van Der Linden, Phillip Harvey
Skills: Primary source analysis and comparison, artwork analysis, word walls, personal evaluation of local monuments, group discussions, and peer teaching.

Under Revision

The Pantheon: An Interdisciplinary Study in How History, Art, Math and Science Combine to Reveal Roman Culture

Grade Level: 6th grade
Time Required: 7-8, 45 minute class periods
Author(s): Ruben Sandoval and Amy Perez
Subject Areas: History

Under Revision




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